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Call us and we will be glad to serve you and let you concentrate on your business. Give us the opportunity of taking the little burdens off your shoulders. The bookkeeping exercise is one thing that must be kept up to date as you need to pay your taxes in time, and know what profits you are making. We will keep help you in bookkeeping.

The rubbish piling up within your premises has to be removed in time we will collect and remove your rubbish. Having the right insurance is advisable, talk to us we will cover you with the best and trouble free insurance that you would need.

Our locksmiths who are security experts with years of experience will provide you with the best security solutions. Keeping you and your staff safe with certified testing and tagging of your electrical appliances are important. We are the leaders in the test and tag profession.

When we finish with our pest control your army of pests is just going to vanish from your premises. Our pavers will give you workmanship par excellence and their paving is just class.

Call us and we will let you know what else we do, there is hardly anything that we do not do.  

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Keeping your kids out of trouble

A kid’s party at home is a nightmare to many parents, with kids of all ages running around and doing what they like to do best, that is have fun and be naughty too but to parents it would be a handful to manage even for a few hours.

Most parents find the easiest way to keep the kids occupied, have their unlimited fun and also keep them off trouble and have everyone at one place is to just call us at jumping castle hire Melbourne and set up one of our many enjoyable bouncy castle hire Melbourne and let the kids enjoy till their heart’s content.

With one of our staff members near the jumping castle hire from the time it is set up till it is dismantled and removed, with peace of mind you can go about doing your chores to make the kids happy and enjoy all the yummy things that they would get to eat and just have the fun they would want to.

Safety is our concern and we go the extra distance to ensure that all is well, and the kids are safe. 


Commissioning reputed fencing contractors

You need security and privacy in your homes, but both can be compromised if you do not take adequate steps. Security is the most important if you are to live a peaceful and contented life, with privacy being a close second. When you come home after a long day in office it is these two things that you would cherish most.

Installing sturdy and strong fences around your property would to a great extent offer these two aspects and also give your homes an added ambience. Depending on what your priorities are, you have a wide variety of options that you could choose from, when it is fencing that you need.

You could use many materials to construct your fencing, from natural wood, to steel, to glass and some others. Using timber fencing adds a natural ambience to your home, and would also give your home a more “closer to nature” look. The use of timber fencing is now very popular due to the different designs that are made available to discerning home owners. All timber fencings are treated against any weather conditions and termite attack.

If it is colours that you prefer then the best option is colorbond fencing, which is available in 14 very subtle but attractive colours. The advantage with colorbond fencing, is it’s versatility and the possibility of obtaining sizes that you would prefer your fences to be.

You could otherwise opt for screen fencing which would provide that extra bit of privacy that you would prefer your fences to offer you. The material often used in screen fencing is treated wood and has similarities with timber fencing.

Selecting reliable fencing contractors from the many found in every street corner is important. Handing over your fencing work to unqualified fencing contractors could place you in an uncompromising position when you need to go back to them for any assistance after completion of the work. Fencing is a specialized job and has to be executed by trained professionals.

Most homes today have a swimming pool in their backyard, and protecting little kids playing around it is very important, hence pool fencing is important. Installing glass pool fencing will give adults to observe the swimming pool always. If it is pool fencing that you need, you could always consider the glass pool fencing option. For that extra bit of care you that you could afford your kids.


Buy paving business and enhance income

We are the leaders in Home Services and lead the world with an impressive portfolio. Backed by 3,200 franchisees we are one of Australia’s success stories. Our founder Jim Penman a dedicated personality for maintaining the highest standards in everything that he does, expects the same from all our franchisees. Starting the business with lawn lowing in 1982, it is a multimillion dollar business today. During the years we have always striven to satisfy our clientele and have never failed in that endeavour.

If we find ourselves compatible to collaborate and you Buy Paving business and join our satisfied list of franchisees, it would be a mutually beneficial business relationship which would last many moons. A Paving Franchise from us would give you an insight of how we conduct our business. We expect the highest standards to be maintained in all what we do and expect the same from you too.

Paving is a very skilled exercise and we use the most modern machinery to execute our installations, and we will train you in the use of every such machinery. Driveways have to be completed with precision, if not the Paving blocks could come loose and our customers are not going to like that. Special care should be taken whilst doing any work, as we are reputed for our high workmanship.

Permeable floors are required in areas that could get wet from falling water or other liquids. It is hence necessary to get the liquid to soak through and keep the floor always dry. A wet floor could cause some nasty accidents, and even end in injury.

We have some very satisfied customers and would like to increase our customer base, with some more. Towards this end we would like dedicated and committee individuals to join hands with us, to take our business to greater heights into the future. Our portfolio whilst being impressive has work that needs precision execution, like for instance Permeable paving, Spray Paving, Coatings among others.

We have always provided very comprehensive warranties for all work undertaken by us, and have never had any adverse situations to spoil our image. We expect the same standards are maintained always, and would provide you with all that is required to uphold it.